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Remarks from previous litters

AP in TX
Jax's 1st quail hunt Image of Jax and Tyler's 1st duck hunt

We hunted Fri. & Sat. morning & started with both dogs , I wasn't sure Jax would even pick one up so I brought Belle. The first 3 coveys We killed 17 birds ,bob white & blues, it was awesome.The blues run like pheasants & will drive a dog crazy, when Belle gets tired she will start yapping on their trail. Anyway the next day was almost as good, In 2 morning hunts we had 38 birds. Jax was great, real easy to control, flushed when I released him, picked up everything, and didn't seem to mind the cactus.The guImage of Jax and Tyler's deer huntys wanted me to leave him down there with them, but I brought him back. Jax can do it all. Also included a couple of pictures of Jax and my grandson, Tyler, with his first deer and first duck. Tyler is 8 years old and was real excited about his doe and ducks. There were two duck hunts and Jax did outstanding! He is a machine!

RA in AL

I purchased my very first Boykin Spaniel from Skip Nelson in early 2001. “Gabe” is now a major part of our family. I could not ask for a smarter, healthier or better companion than Gabe. We have had little or no health issues with him. As far as hunting desire, he loves to hunt even more than I do. Gabe has retrieved hundreds of ducks, quail, dove and pheasants. We have many Hunt Test and Field Trial ribbons. He has produced five litters of puppies and all puppies have been very healthy.
Skip is very diligent in selecting the dogs that he uses for breeding his puppies. He is so particular that I know he has traveled for hours for a mating when he could have found a (inferior) dog within miles of his home. Skip makes sure all the puppies he produces comes from parents with a history of positive health clearances. This is the most important area for anyone when considering the purchase of a puppy of any kind. In July 2007, we will get another puppy from Skip. There can be no total guarantee that a puppy will never have some health issues, but I can unequivocally state that in my opinion any puppy bought from Skip will have one of the best breeding available.

AP in TXBelle in Carrizo Springs

Skip thought you might enjoy the picture. This is Belle Dec. 13 in Carrizo Springs Tx...(Just 70 mi. nth of Laredo) at a deer lease that we were invited to duck hunt on. There were two 25 acre lakes on the ranch & with no other water for miles it was full of Teal, gadwall, widgeon, pintail & yes as you can see a few smiling mallards. Belle was an immediate hit with the guys & retrieved over 15 birds the first day. She is real steady to shot & taking hand signals like a pro. We've been invited back next weekend & are planning to go. Great Little Dog

JH in LARusty in LA

Enclosed is a pcitureof Rusty at 12 month with his first blood trailed deer. He finished his first season finding 9 all total.


JR in CT

Here is a picture I thought you would enjoy. Bobby is doing super. He is really something special.

Thanks again.

MB in TX

JW in AL

This is Covey...he took his 1st swim several weeks ago...loves the water...can't keep him out of the water now. He is retrieving great on land and watPicture of Coveyer. He is a GREAT DOG with a GREAT DISPOSITION ans we are all so glad to have him in our family, and yes he is definitaley part of our family...THANKS!!!

P.S. Our vet said that he has been very impressed with Covey since the start. He said Covey was one of the healthiest and well socialized puppies he has seen. THANKS AGAIN.

GM in LA

Fergie is the best hunting dog that I have ever owned. She blows the 2 previous labs that I had out of the water. There is nothing she won't hunt or retrieve. She retrieved well over 300 ducks in this her first year of duck hunting. Keep in mind that she was still a puppy under 1 year old when teal season started downGM image of pup here. She also did awesome on woodcock. At the end of the season she was even pointing them. My trainer loves her also. He can't believe how easy she was to train. He says she is more advanced than his 3 yr AWS and has a better nose. He is amazed! I will never own another breed as long as I live. She is really making believers out of alot of people down here. She is a proud addition to our family. We lover her! All I can say is thanks again for selling her to us. Almost forgot, she even comes squirrel hunting with us and even retrieves them too!